Kanji Practice

Need practice sheets for practicing Japanese or Chinese characters? Want to start practicies hiragana and katakana and need some printing sheets? See our new store over at Teachers pay Teachers for this work.

The future of democracy

Clay Shirky has an amazing Ted Talk video. It is about what the computer science community can do for democracy.  This is the future of legislation, I hope to see it in place in my lifetime. The larger aspect is this type of distributed work will be at play for more than just the open source community.

Everyone is jumping on the coding bandwagon. Yes those jobs earn more and everything will need to be programmed. The VCR (now DVR) is not so simple any more.  And more and more things are on the Internet (like it or not).  Many of the programming concepts are truly based in math, taking a large problem and breaking it down in to smaller and smaller parts. Which is why i think this is funny.