Surface to volume reference with Animals

At an exhibit at the Smithsonian, we saw this description.

"The general trend toward increased size in Pleistocene mammals, as seen in Castroides, may be due to "Bergmann's Rule": larger animals have less surface area relative to mass (weight), and lose less body heat in a cold environment."

This is one of the topics discussed in the ice class with surface to volume ratio.

Stop Motion 2 – Making Videos

The next class is a continuation from last month with our home made flip books. This time we will talk more about stop motion animation and will use cameras. There are a few important notes for the next event!

Class will be at the Wells Branch Public Library.

15001 Wells Port Drive
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 989-3188

We will have three (3) stations setup to take photographs. I tested a few ways to make stop motion, and the easiest and least expensive is with your smart phone. Please bring your phone and download Lapse It – free version available
(apple (android

We will start setting up at 10:00am and begin class at 10:30.

We will have some supplies for making mini videos. Please feel free to bring your own.

Thanks everyone for coming! It was lots of fun making the videos.

Full write up: google doc

Here are the sample videos. We will have an updated Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (44 frames) soon.
Under the sea test (25 frames)
Under the sea  2 (39 frames)
Lime in the coconut  (93 frames)
Classroom time lapse (every 5 seconds over 20 minutes)
Mrs. Potato head! 23 frames, 0.5 seconds each

Website Launch!

Basic site it up. All events will be posted here and the write ups for experiments as well. Check back often for updates. Plan to have the previous experiments posted by next month.