Cicada 17 year cycle – Prime Numbers

Recently in the news there is talk of the 17 year cycle cidada. Why 17 years? Seems like a long time. The reason is prime numbers. Watch the video for the explination.

Here are some other news articles and some culture around cicadas

Cicadas take over Staten Island – NY Times

17 Year Cicada Mystery – NY Times

The Japanese love bugs. In the summer time you can buy pet beetles (2) at the local hardware store. Long ago a famous poet named Basho traveled through Japan and worte many haikus about the world around him. One of those is about the cicada. It is carved in a rock at Yamadera. Basho spent some time in this town and temple.

Japanese Romanji English Translation
Cicada poem by Basho




shizuke saya

iwa nishimi iru

semi no koe

purely leisure

permeating the rock

the cicada's sound