Worm Box – Fund Raiser 2013

We are fans of Kickstarter and so we are launching our own mini project. Worm boxes.  Each is constructed with cedar wood walls and plexiglass plates. We layer in six different types of soil and rock: crushed granite, sand, top soil, peat moss, compost dirt, cedar shavings, grass and worms! Each is $33. Yes it will have worms upon deilvery! Payment available by Square, WePay, cash or check.  Love PEMDAS and have not contributed this year? Add on a few more dollars and donate to science club!


September – Rock Flipping

September 9 is Rock flipping day (2) (3). In today's class we will make observations of what we find under rocks and logs in the yard. Behold the world of insects!  Bring a notepad, pencil and camera to document what we see under rocks. This is an exercise in properly collecting data and taking sample surveys of populations.

Chiang Mai, Thailand has one of the worlds largest private insect collections.

UPDATE – write up