Please Experiment Mathematically, Directly And Scientifically – PEMDAS

Please join us for super awesome scientific experiments!

On the first Tuesday of the month, PEMDAS will post the topic and a general idea of what we'll be studying. The second Tuesday of the month, show up and participate in the experiment/demonstration. On the third Tuesday, we'll have more technical information – equations, primary sources, stuff for "older kids" posted online and questions and answers from the experiment day. The fourth Tuesday, we'll take off to prepare for the next month's excitement.

The outline of the class is addressing the scientific method (question, observe, hypothesis, test, results), safety protocol, statically significant, comparing and duplicating results. The PEMDAS goal is: while everyone is very young, to make them comfortable with these concepts and ideas. As our kids grow older, so will the complexity of experiments. We are working on developing critical thinking skills and ask why in a scientific fashion.

Have Fun! Be Safe! Learn Lots!


Mary has as bachelor of science in neurobiology from the University of Texas at Austin

Mark has a bachelor of science in mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a software engineer at IBM.


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