June’s topic will be birds! Backyard Birds!

June's topic will be birds! Backyard Birds!


We will build birdhouses and discuss bird-watching techniques, and record-keeping.

I will need help gathering supplies for the bird-houses. Please refer to the Challenge website for design ideas. (I'm going to check out Pintrest also.)

As always, this event is no cost (donations welcomed) and open to all homeschoolers. Please RSVP so we know how many supplies we need to build the houses. The older kids in the group are first and second grade – and we always have younger siblings running around. Check out our website for past topics.

Mold and Microbes February

In February we continued with mold and microbes. We took two types of bread and exposed them to different substances and locations. After a 5 week incubation period we had great results!


Write up coming soon!

January – MOLD!

Mold! Let's grow some! If you have any food samples with foreign growth on your counter or in your fridge – bring it along. Please bring any samples in a sealed and disposable bag (ziploc).

We will be talking about the life cycle of mold. There may also be a bonus experiment performed during class.

First class of the year on Tuesday the 14th.

Have Fun! Be Safe! Learn Lots!


This class turned into a discussion of taxonomy. We covered eukaryote and prokaryote cells. Our mold experiment happned the following month as our cultures took a while to grow!

Worm box updates

Hi all thanks for participating in PEMDAS 2013 fundraising. We sold 9 worm boxes! 

The worm boses do need moisture. Be sure to add some water at least once a week to keep them happy. If the grass gets very moldy, you can empty out the box and fill in with regular dirt if you like. Or ad fressh grass and leaves if you want.