Density, buoyancy, temperature

Hi All, Gweneth will be hosting PEDMAS for November (11/12). Please check out the address on big tent or contact us for the address. 


We will be exploring the connections between density, buoyancy and temperature. Also, there will be a change in venue just to give Mary a little bit of a break. To lure people out there, I have arranged with my parents' neighbor to take the kids for cart rides behind miniature ponies. So please RSVP and we hope to see you out there!

Ice – properties of water

If you haven't yet tried PEMDAS aka Science Club – this month is going to be super fun – and cold!


We'll discuss:

surface area to volume ratio (a huge topic in biology)
friction (a huge topic in physics)
heat transfer (a huge topic in chemistry)
calculating rate of melting – yes calculus has real world examples 

We'll even use ice as a chronometer.

Class will be held outside – so dress ready for the heat and the ice! Class will be 45min long, and, as always, FREE!

Write up: Google Doc

Yes, we did get a little carried away talking about very advanced topics, but there are so many things to talk about and we love this!