Worm box updates

Hi all thanks for participating in PEMDAS 2013 fundraising. We sold 9 worm boxes! 

The worm boses do need moisture. Be sure to add some water at least once a week to keep them happy. If the grass gets very moldy, you can empty out the box and fill in with regular dirt if you like. Or ad fressh grass and leaves if you want.

September – Rock Flipping

September 9 is Rock flipping day (2) (3). In today's class we will make observations of what we find under rocks and logs in the yard. Behold the world of insects!  Bring a notepad, pencil and camera to document what we see under rocks. This is an exercise in properly collecting data and taking sample surveys of populations.

Chiang Mai, Thailand has one of the worlds largest private insect collections.

UPDATE – write up